What is COVID-19?

> Coronaviruses first discovered in 1960s

> COVID-19 is the respiratory disease caused by the 2019 Novel Coronavirus now known as SARS-CoV-2

> Symptoms of coronavirus infection can range from mild in most cases (fever, cough, shortness of breath) to serious (pneumonia, kidney failure, even death)

> Spreads via droplets produced by coughing or sneezing or through contact with contaminated surfaces

How to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Wash hands

with soap and water, or sanitize hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer when hand washing is not possible

Cover coughs/sneezes

with a tissue, and then throw the tissue in the trash

Avoid contact

with people showing signs of illness, and stay home if you feel ill

Clean and disinfect surfaces

with products that have an EPA-approved emerging viral pathogen claims for use against SARS-CoV-2

Wear a facemask if you have symptoms

of COVID-19 to prevent the spread of the disease to others

What disinfectants are effective against Corona Viruses

At Sanitize-360 we use several EPA registered disinfectant products with efficacy claims for a Human Corona Virus strain and the SARS associated Corona Virus.
  • Sanitize-360 Professional Disinfecting kills 99.999% of viruses and germs.
  • Sanitize-360 Professional Disinfecting insures the highest degree of surface coverage and disinfecting with the patented Power Wrap Nozzle Technology.
  • Using Hydro Fusion UV-C Germicidal Light, we sterilize airborne germs, viruses and bacteria that works instantly and is safe for human, animals, and plants.
  • Sanitize-360 Professional Disinfecting uses the most effective Hospital Grade EPA Registered N-List Disinfectant.
  • Sanitize-360 provides fest response and serves Southern California Counties of Orange Conty, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County and Riverside County.
  • Sanitize-360 Corporate Office is located in Brea, California.